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Professional Manufacturer And Researcher of Nylon Cable Gland, Metal Cable Gland, Brass Cable Gland, Stainless Steel Cable Gland, Nylon Cable Tie, Stainless Steel Cable Tie, Nylon Flexible Conduit, Nylon Conduit Fitting, Metal Flexible Conduit, Metal Conduit Fitting, Brass Conduit Adaptor, Nylon Hose Clamp, Metal Hose Clamp, Stainless Steel Hose Clip, Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Etc Cable Accessories for Cable Connection And Protection in China. Products Got UL(E356742), CE, TUV CERTIFICATES and REACH, ROHS, IP68, EX, UV RESISTANT, HALOGEN FREE Test Reports by SGS. Owning to Strict Quality Control, Advanced Machining Processes, Innovative Enterprise Conception and Professional Technical Team, Our Company Develop Very Fast So As to Expand The Market Continually and Has Been Passed The International Certificates of ISO9001:2008.

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  • Nylon Cable Ties: The Ultimate Solution for Wire Organization

    When it comes to managing wires, nylon cable ties are the ultimate solution. These ties are versatile, durable, and available in different colors and sizes to suit a variety of needs. These cable ties are made of Nylon 66, UL Listed 94V-2 material with high heat and corr...

  • How to choose the right cable clamp

    Cable clips are a tool designed to organize and secure cables, and their importance speaks for itself, making them a must-have on any large-scale project. This article will focus on the product description of the cable clamp, how to use it, and the environment in which it is used, so as to help n...

  • What is a nylon cable tie

    Nylon cable ties, as the name suggests, are straps for binding things. Nylon cable ties are also called: cable ties, cable ties, cable ties, cable ties. Nylon cable ties include: self-locking nylon cable ties, label nylon cable ties, four-button nylon cable ties, tamper-proof (lead seal) nylon ca...

  • Common connection methods of copper terminals

    With the development trend of mechanical engineering, the utilization rate of copper terminals is getting higher and higher, and there are more and more suitable situations. Although copper core wire terminals are a good product for connecting power lines, for better transmission and reasonable p...

  • What is a stainless steel cable tie?

    As one of the tools commonly used in life, cable ties can be seen everywhere on the market. But what more people know is that the cable tie is a strong nylon cable tie made of plastic. In fact, the cable ties are also made of stainless steel. Stainless steel cable ties are a kind of stainless ste...